Ciara Spends Afternoon Doing Hair and Makeup at Seattle Children’s Hospital

Visiting Seattle Children’s, singer Ciara, spent the afternoon sitting with children, talking with them and even help doing their hair and makeup.
“I love coming to Seattle Children’s, the environment is full of love and care,” said the songstress in a release. “I’m told that I can be a great inspiration to the children here, but in reality, I look to them for inspiration. Although what they’re going through is tough, but it just goes to show how strong they really are.”

16 year old patient Madilyn Robertson was ecstatic at the opportunity to meet the celebrity. After a rough bout with lymphona cancer, her treatment is nearing a close.
“I can’t believe that I got my hair and makeup done by Ciara! She’s so amazing, just thinking about it makes me feel special inside. It’s so nice to see someone other than a doctor.”

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