Hacker Responsible for ‘Celebgate’ Sentenced to Jail Term

“Celebgate” blew up the internet in 2014, causing celebrities – and people alike – to think twice about privacy and how well their information is protected.
Illegally accessing over 400 accounts in a 10 month period, it is said that roughly 10% of accounts accessed belonged celebrities.

Targeting celebrities with phishing scams, people unknowingly gave up private information, such as login and security information, which was then used to access the accounts. Celebrities weren’t his main focus, as the hacker took an interest in embarrassing his ‘victims’ online by invading their private accounts.

FBI agent Dirk Finasse stated that he went beyond normal phishing scams to accomplish this. “Our devices, like our smartphones and tablets, contain sensitive information. We should be careful how we store and protect it, there are people out there that feed off of our vulnerabilities. An incident like this should be a reminder for that.”

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