New Exercise Mat Allows You to Work Out On Top of Water

One of the biggest trends hitting the exercise scene is the ability to do work outs not in water, but on it.
How is this possible you may ask? They’re called fitmats. With great focus on balance, this new work out involves every part of your body, getting you to work out those neglected areas and underutilized muscles.

Instructor, Vincent Jon aged 65, has great love for the workout and says “even seniors can do it.” “Even at my age I can do all the workouts, this is something I foresee doing well into my 90’s” said Jon.

The workout pulls inspiration from Pilates and uses traditional yoga moves, all while trying to maintain balance on a board set afloat the water. Once you’re finished with the workout, no need to stress about heat and sweat, simply jump in the pool to cool off!

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