Vegan Eggs? Yes, Now They Exist!

Like every unhealthy delicious product out there, an equally delicious healthy counterpart exists. Something that was seriously lacking for vegans was an alternative to the egg. Until now.

The struggle for a vegan to consume an egg has simply been because it is the by product of an animal. That’s a strict no-no for a vegan. Now, this egg alternative, which is actually made from algae, is a great way to satiate those cravings you may get from time to time. It looks like egg, tastes like egg, but not detrimental like an egg. Amazing!

Becoming a vegan shouldn’t be hard, amazing alternatives exist, don’t let the doubters out there tell you otherwise. We’re excited to see how this changes the food industry in the future, if we can do this with eggs, there’s no telling where this will head in 5-10 years.

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