Clean Your Belly Button! It’s A Breeding Ground for Bacteria

According to a study done in 2012, the belly button may contain the largest build up of bacteria on the body.
A spot not normally on the top of the list of cleaning priorities when hopping in the shower, too many people neglect this area when it comes to a thorough cleaning. When variables of weight and if the area is pierced come into play, the likelihood of getting an infection increases.
Talking with dermatologist Dr. Eliza Kellings, “Areas like the navel, rich in moisture and heat, they become ideal spots for bacteria to breed. Those who are overweight have more area to cover, which in turn leads to an increase of risk of bacteria growth. Neglected for too long, infections can occur.”

“People with piercings are just as likely to tract infections, as tears in the skin are a doorway for any infection to occur.” Kellings adds.
Other areas to keep in mind are armpits, or the groin. Basically anywhere your skin folds over itself, but nothing compares to the navel region.

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