All Day Breakfast to Roll Out in McDonald’s and A&W Restaurants Throughout Canada

After seeing the demand of all day breakfast specials in the US, McDonald’s and A&W restaurants will begin making the transition in more than 75% of locations by next month.
According to market research, almost 20% of traffic to the fast food chains took place at breakfast time. Earlier this month, the initiative was rolled out to several McDonald’s locations with great success. A&W restaurants were quicker to test, implementing the changes last year.

“There’s been a large demand for all day breakfast, so we need to start filling that need.” said Jonathan Bettle,a spokesperson, from McDonald’s./
“A lot of discussion has been made on the topic, a growing number of customers have been saying ‘Oh man, I wish I could eat my breakfast at night.'”

Late to the party, companies like Starbucks have served breakfast items all day since 2008.
Not every item will be available throughout the day, as the all day breakfast menu will be limited. Based on customer demand, the fast food chains are open to tweaking items in the future.

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