Nearly 2 Decades Later, Japanese Sumo Wrestler Achieves Yokozuna Status

The sport of Sumo Wrestling dates back well over 1,000 years, cementing itself as a staple in Japanese culture.
With it’s long history, the grand champion title, also known as Yokozuna, hasn’t been won by a Native Japanese contestant for the past 2 decades. Yokozuna status has been granted to challengers from Mongolia and the U.S., with Japanese wrestlers suffering defeat.

Kitsunacho, aged 30, coming in at 6’2″ and 395 lbs, this towering giant has been promoted due to his recent competition success. Currently, 3 other wrestlers are competing for the title.
Due to a rise in scandals involving poor treatment and cheating, there has been a shift in popularity in the sport. But, in a 2015 Japanese leisure survey conducted, Sumo Wrestling still remains number 1 on the chart of most popular sports, while soccer and golf are becoming more mainstream. It remains to be seen, whether sumo wrestling will remain at the top of the charts.

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