Japan’s Sekiseishoko Coral Reef In Danger

According to a recent survey conducted by Japan’s Environment Ministry, the country’s largest coral reef is in danger.
Located near Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands, Sekiseishoko coral reef has seen most of its corals to be partially bleached, the worst the reef has ever experienced in history. Meanwhile 70% of living corals in the reef have been found dead.
The main reason due to this drastic decline could be the ocean’s rising temperature.
Whether or not the reef can overcome this horrible bleaching predicament all depends on time. However, with global warming also in the picture, the odds are not good for the Sekiseishoko reef.
For the people of Japan, the Sekiseishoko reef is really important to them. As the reef impacts the local fishmonger and tourist operators, Japan will experience long-term consequences in their economic and social factors.

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