Lil Wayne Takes Fans ‘On Stage’ With New Virtual Reality Series

Have you always wanted to see what it’s like to live a day with your favorite musician? With the power of virtual reality, those dreams are now a reality.
Looking to showcase the thought process behind some of the greatest names in music, the Hulu created series, gives fans a chance to watch their idols perform on stage from the perspective of the stage, and the ability to join them and see what goes on behind the scenes.

The series premiere, which is available now, features Lil Wayne in the days leading up to the New Orleans Lil Weezyana Fest. We are given a glimpse of a day in the line with the musician.
Future episode is to focus on electronic group, Major Lazer, as they head to Jamaica while going in depth about the history of dancehall music. No date has been given on its release.

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