Researchers at MIT Look to Convert Farm Waste Into Fuel

As the world looks for alternatives to use, researchers at MIT may be stumbled on an efficient solution. Conversion of farm waste into biofuels.
Traditionally, any bio mass produced by farmers was left to rot then burned. There was little use for the leftover materials, and the collection of these materials proved to be a waste of time, as there was little to no use for it. Seeing as there was no importance for any of this, farmer simply set their farms ablaze, to make way for the next cycle of crops to be grown. This in turn has caused detrimental effects to our planet, leading to a significant increase in carbon dioxide, and overall lowering the quality of air.

Companies are now looking into the possibilities of efficiently collecting bio mass waste, and transporting them to manufacturing plants to be processed into bio fuels. Right now, everything is still be worked on to bring out maximum efficiency, but once the basics are down, because of the simplistic nature of the matter, companies will be able to scale it up in significant values.

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