Scientists Successfully Transplant Grown Mice Pancreas to Cure Diabetes

Great advances are being made in the medical field, with scientists working on the possibility of growing human organs.
Scientists have grown mice pancreases, which have successfully been transplanted into other mice. It is theorized that these methods could be shifted to other animals, to grow human organs. These experiments have involved pulling cells from both mice and rats, to create some sort of hybrid organ that doesn’t get rejected. This shows great possibilities for what can be achieved in the future.

Scientists working on the project are still experimenting with the process, but after a year since their study has begun, the mice with transplanted organs have shown normal levels in their blood.
Although great strides have been made in the field, it will take some time until scientists can successfully start trials to re-create human organs. Without the actual scientific work, great debates in ethics will need to be addressed, as it can be a very controversial topic.

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