University In Trouble After Two Students Digested Fatal Amount of Caffeine

A university in Britain is being fined after two of its students digested dangerous amounts of caffeine in an experiment.
The Northumbria University students were supposed to be served 0.3 grams of caffeine, only to be mistakenly being served 30 grams of it instead. 30 grams of caffeine equates to approximately 300 cups of coffee.
Hence, the students were given 100 times more dosage than what was initial amount. And with that much caffeine in one’s digestive system could increasingly lead to something fatal.
The two participants, Alex Rossetto and Luke Parkin, experienced side effects almost immediatly, which led to them undergoing kidney dialysis. Both students were able to recover after some time, though short-term memory loss was reported to be something Rossetto also experienced during the ordeal.
The university issued an apology in regards to the incident.

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