Ben Affleck’s “Live by Night” Is A Box Office Flop

After a run of back to back to back directorial successes, it seems Ben Affleck has hit a rough patch in his career.
“Live by Night” is the latest Affleck writen and directed film, in which he also stars in, which was hated on by critics and deemed a box office flop. Not doing as well as projected, it is estimated that Warner Bros. is set to lose $75 million on the project. With the previous box office success – or rather lack of – Affleck involved “Batman V. Superman,” and just released “Live by Night” raking in only 1/4 of its costs at the box office, execs at the studio can’t be too happy with the star.

With Affleck’s next project “The Batman,” it remains to be seen whether the multi talented star can get back into the good graces of the company, and also the fans of the character.

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