Britney Spears Unauthorized Biopic Leaves Fans Angry

A movie centering around pop icon Britney Spears is coming out. Too bad people are not too thrilled about the unauthorized movie.
“Britney Ever After” was announced by Lifetime to be in the works last year much to the displease of the singer herself.
Spears has also stated that the biopic “does not have her blessing”, so she is not involved with the Lifetime movie in any way.
The first trailer was released on Moday, and from what was featured in it, the biopic is sure to feature the ups and downs of the singer’s life; from the Britney-esque performances, reenactments of the star’s wedding, and her infamous head-shaving in 2007.
Not only is Spears not pleased with it, but the reaction of fans are also not on board with the biopic.

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