“A Dog’s Purpose” Now Playing Is Not Doing So Hot With Reviews

The movie “A Dog’s Purpose” had pretty much all the elements needed to create a classic tearjerker yet it fell short according to the reviews.
The film created much buzz when a controversial leaked video showcased animal abuse when a scared German Shepherd was forced into a pool of rushing water. The footage led to Universal Pictures to cancel the film’s initial premiere to January 27.
However, with or without the controversy, the film is just not living up to expectations.
Reviews for the film have called the movie a tearjerker but for some, they just can’t get the image of the mistreated German Shepherd out of their heads which is what exactly Peter Travers wrote for Rolling Stones.
As for Variety’s Andrew Barker, he wrote that the movie may have worked as a “cinematic warm blanket” but it all depends on the goodwill of the audience, which he believes is in short supply.
Would the film have done better if the leaked footage didn’t come to light?

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