Which Two Movies Are Creating Buzz At The Sundance Movie Festival?

With the event concluding this weekend, “Mudbound” and “A Ghost Story” are the two buzz worthy titles at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
Despite the premise, “A Ghost Story” is anything but a horror movie. Without giving away the plot, the film is filled with surprises that would keep viewers on the edge. The movie invents its own rules regarding the way people float in and out of each others lives.
As for “Mudbound”, it is a film that begins in the middle of WWII. The film is based on the same titled novel written by Hillary Jordan. At first, the movie depicts a standard war time drama about a white family struggling with domestic tension due to seclusion and low resources, while the main concern for a hardworking black family is getting food to feed the family as well as getting their son home from the war.
Both films made a splash at the 11 day event.

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