“A Dog’s Purpose” Fares Well At The Box Office For Opening Weekend Despite Controversy

Regardless of the controversial footage of a German Shepherd being being abused on set of the film, “A Dog’s Purpose” was still able to bring in a family audience after opening in theaters on its first weekend of release.

A Dog's Purpose - Official Trailer (HD) (screen grab)
A Dog’s Purpose – Official Trailer (HD) (screen grab)

The film depicts the story of a dog and his different owners, as he is reincarnated after each death. This tear-jerker film earned $18.4 million during its opening weekend against a $22 million budget .
According to Universal’s domestic distribution chief, Nick Carpou, despite having all the controversy, as well as boycott threats, the “film rises above that” as show proven by its box office numbers.
However, according to Exhibitor Relations analyst, Jeff Bock, the film would have done better if the footage was not leaked believing that the film could have easily reached $25 million. He also notes that the controversy could have an effect on the film in the long run. Bock also states that the film will probably not be able to sustain itself compared ot other family films.

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