Child Oozes Blood From Orifices Several Times a Day

For over three years, young Ahkil Raj has been leaking blood from every opening imaginable. His tears, his ears and even his limbs, all at one point have drawn blood for reasons unknown.
Examined by doctors, they have found no wounds of any kind, and are mystified by the phenomena. They’re still unable to diagnose his ailment, and the child’s family hope that doctors and researchers are able to discover a cure soon.

“Blood comes from everywhere, my head, my body, sometimes out of my ears.
“There are days when it doesn’t happen, then out of nowhere I’ll bleed nonstop. For the past 2 weeks it has happened everyday,” shared Ahkil.
Under the direct supervision of doctors around the clock, they have no understanding what causes it.
The affliction is very rare, and is said to affect a minuscule amount of the world’s population.

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