Emma Watson and Miles Teller Missed Out In Starring In “La La Land” Because They Were Too Demanding?

Before Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were casted in the lead roles in hit musical film “La La Land”, Emma Watson and Miles Teller were up for the roles.
<> on September 11, 2014 in Deauville, France.
A rumour stated that the pair were dropped from “La La Land” was because they were “too demanding”, a rumour that Teller put to rest.
Page Six reported that Teller wanted $6 million for the role after being offered $4, after hearing of the information from a “movie insider”.
As for Watson, apparently she uncommited to the film. She alledgedly also demanded that the film be filmed in London even though the film is set in Los Angeles.
According to the same source, the two actors were upset and “raising hell” now that the musical film has become a hit success.
Teller denied the claims on Twitter, though like Page Six, The Hollywood Reporter also reported that Teller “balked” at the offered $4 million.
THR did not mention Watson’s demands that she may or may not have had, though they did report that the actress chose to film “Beauty and the Beast” over “La La Land” due to time commitment.

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