Khloe Kardashian Confesses She Was Ashamed of Her Old Body

More fit than ever before, Khloe Kardashian has been making waves in mainstream media after her divorce from ex husband Lamar Odom.
During a preview of an upcoming episode of her new show, Revenge Body, the reality star reveals that she was embarrassed by her physique, causing her to refrain from looking anyone in the eye while out in public.
A participant on the show, Sammie McCloud, opened up to Khloe, telling her that she was too ashamed to go out in public after gaining more than 50 pounds.

“I definitely know what that’s like,” Khloe shared, going on to add: “Whenever I saw somebody, my eyes would go straight to the ground, even if it was clearly obvious that they saw me. By not looking anyone directly in the eye, it felt better – it was easier to share any eye contact.”
Looking to instill great confidence into the contestants of her show, host Khloe often says: “Let those who hate, help you motivate” as they boost each other in their work outs.
Losing over 40 pounds in the past year, the Kardashian penned her bestseller Strong Looks Better Naked.

Khloe showed compassion towards Sammie’s life choices.
“Following graduation,” told Sammie, “I returned to my home town, which is where I met a girl,” she recalled. Sammie continued: “As soon as we met, something clicked, it was something I’ve never encountered before. We were always together, having fun, doing stuff. I was never concerned about my health. In the blink of an eye, I was much larger in weight.”
“It’s exciting when you find a new connection to someone, it’s normal to get enveloped by who they are. That’s when you lose focus on yourself and who you are.”

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