Cobie Smulders: Giving Birth Is Easier Than Training For A Tom Cruise Film?

Although she wasn’t “the mother” on “How I Met Your Mother” but one in real life, Cobie Smulders has found a job more demanding and equally challenging, if not more. What job could that possibly be? Being part of a Tom Cruise film.
Cobie Smulders
The actress states that the training she went through for “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” was physically demanding and the most work she has ever had to do, that includes giving birth – twice!
Playing the role of Major Susan Turner, Smulders wanted to do what women in the position actually do because for her, it was important to portray women realistically. She goes on to credit the women who’ve worked their way up to becoming Major in the United States Army as being “tough broads”.
Although giving props to the women in the US Army, Smulders is a tough woman herself after having prepared for the film while taking care of her kids.
Being able to portray a strong female character is something that is important to Smulders though she does add that she’s played numerous characters who were powerful women as well.

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