Scientists Successfully Create Human – Pig Hybrid Embryo

More animal than human, the embryo is said to consist of less than 1% of human DNA. This is the first time success has ever been reported.
The creation involves stem cells from a human and the embryo of a pig. Once injected, the embryo sits in wait for 28 days, where researchers study it’s development. During trials, of the 2,000 embryos injected, less than 10% proved to be successful.

“We’ve experienced for the first time ever, the growth of human cells within an animal. It’s remarkable.” said Professor Jorge Ipsu Belomy.
Belomy went on to add that “there is still much work to be done” when it comes to the creation of human organs. The research he and his team have been doing can be helpful in the future when it comes to issues involving the testing of drugs, disease and better understanding the creation of life.

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