This Shocking Dr Phil Interview Might Make You Doubt Humanity!

For two months, Kala Brown braved through an unimaginable and horrifying ordeal. Now participating for the first time in an interview with Dr. Phil, the 30-year-old woman speaks out about her experience of being kidnapped and held by an accused serial killer.
After being chained up “like a dog” for over two months since she was reported missing, Brown was found in metal container on her abductor’s, Todd Kohlhepp, property. The police also found on the property the body of Brown’s boyfriend, Charlie Carver.
Brown told the police that she witnessed Carver being shot by Kohlhepp. Her captor then proceeded to pose as Brown’s boyfriend on social media.
The Anderson Independent Mail reports that Kohlhepp is being charged with the murder of Carver, as well as six other people for a total of seven counts of murder. Also found on Kohlhepp’s property was Johnny and Meagan Coxie, while the last four counts were for murders he committed in 2003.
In her interview with Phil McGraw, Brown recounts being sexually assaulted, handcuffed, chained and gagged by her abductor. But even after experiencing her horrifying ordeal, Brown tells that Kohlhepp did not break her or destroy her, cause she won in the end.
Tune in for Dr. Phil on Feb. 13 and 14 to view the full interview with Kala Brown.

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