Dizzied Woman Extracts Creepy Crawler from Skull

Picture this, a creepy crawler makes its way up your body, burrowing its way up your nasal cavity. Disgusting right? Unfortunately, for a unsuspecting woman living in India, this gross fantasy became a living nightmare.
With no reasonable idea as to why she could feel tingly movement behind her eyeballs, she went to a clinic where she was given routine treatment that did nothing for her and went back home. It wasn’t until getting a second opinion of a nasal specialist, that they found something crawling inside. Upon further examination they were able to identify the creature, which was a cockroach.

Using a suction tool, the doctor was able to fully remove the cockroach, which was fully alive. This strangely bizarre situation was the first time the doctor had encountered something like this in his lengthy 30 year career.
After the procedure the woman told reporters that she was again feeling fine, and when asked about the situation she replied, “well I’m a bit ashamed of the situation. It’s not everyday or ever really, that a cockroach finds it’s way up your nose.”

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