Hackers Blackmail David Beckham, Demanded £1 million

David Beckham found himself caught in the middle of a hacking scandal, when internet hackers had stumbled across his information while trying for someone else’s, the real target hasn’t yet been revealed. It has been an ongoing struggle for the soccer player, who has been working with Portuguese police for over a year now to investigate.
According to a source close to Beckham, they had revealed that: “David was notified through his email, and the hackers wanted to set up a meeting through one of their mediators. They claimed to have dirt on him, and demanded that he pay £1 million. He was straight up blackmailed.”

When Beckham had refused to pay the ransom, his emails were leaked, some of which supposedly contained explicit material that could damage his reputation.
A representative for Beckham said in a statement: “These supposed emails have either been doctored or pulled out of context to bring matters into a negative light. It was their intention to create false statements.”

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