In Search of the Perfect Valentine’s Gift? Forget Flowers, Buy Roaches!

Time is ticking away until Valentine’s Day makes it’s annual arrival this year, and if you’re still looking for something to give to that special someone, The Bronx Zoo has you covered.
The New York City zoo offers people the opportunity to name cockroaches whatever they wish, and just in time for the romantic holiday.

Originally started as a fundraising project back in 2011, at the low price of $10, an electronic certificate is sent to recipients, along with the name given. Feeling a bit more adventurous and wanna spend the big bucks? Well you’re just in luck, as the zoo also offers sending a package containing chocolates or a romantic cockroach plushy for those who opt for a larger donation.

Scared that the zoo is going to sell out of cockroaches to name? Fear not, because there are thousands of cockroaches to go around. All proceeds are donated towards the conservation of wildlife.

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