Woman Suffers Unfortunate Fate While Donating Clothing

A woman known in her community for her love of helping the needy, and providing them with much needed clothing, was found lifeless, suspended from the side of a clothing donation bin. It was estimated that she was in that state for over a 6 hour period.
As stated by County Coroner Jim Keller, the woman met her unfortunate demise from a combination of hypothermia and serious injury.

Using a footrest as a means of gaining a height advantage to donate some items, her arm got caught on the side of the bin, and with the footrest no longer beneath her, she was caught suspended in the air. She was unable to pull herself from the clutches of the bin, where she broke numerous limbs.
Police on the scene conclude that she was making an early morning donation after midnight, and wasn’t found until after 8 AM. It was considered an accidental death.

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