Cat Lover Livestreams Birth of Two-Headed Kitten

Feline aficionado, Zhi Wu, was eagerly awaiting the birth of his cat’s litter, when he instantly noticed that something was off. With a litter of five, one of the kittens was birthed with two heads and three eyes.
Zhi, a man with numerous cats in his home, has seen dozens of births, but this was the first time he had ever encountered this situation. Of the remaining kittens in the litter, none of them show any signs of deformity.
two headed kitten2
Although the kitten has two mouths, it is only able to use one of them to feed. Right now, everything seems normal, but Zhi is unsure about its future.
Once Zhi realized what had happened, he was quick to grab his computer to live stream the event. Users watching were stunned to see the kitten, but were very happy to see that the kitten was able to function normally.

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