Chocolate Pills – New Pharmaceutical Craze Hitting the UK

Researchers at pharmaceutical companies have made great strides towards the advancement of medicine, but now it’s the unusual usage of chocolate that has got people in the UK going wild.
Chocolate, for the first time ever, is being converted into pill form, and marketed as a means of combating heart, and mental conditions. The chocolate pills work to increase the flow of blood by loosening arteries.

Now before you run out and stockpile large amounts of chocolate, researchers say that these pills don’t contain stuff found in your average corner store chocolate bar. For context, to receive the same benefits of the concentrated chocolate pill, you would need to consume over 400 grams of pure dark confectionery – which is triple of the maximum amount a person should ever consume.

Studies have shown that a slight decrease in blood pressure has the ability to reduce the risk of heart related conditions may even improve your mental health.

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