This Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery Has People Confused

Body enhancements. contouring, facelifts, liposuction – there are numerous possibilities for people looking to enhance their bodies with the help of plastic surgery.
You’d think by now we’ve seen it all, but there’s a new trend sweeping the nation: back dimples.

Poised to be the greatest trend of 2017, this new cosmetic surgery procedure is on the rise. With today’s culture obsessed with social media, people often find themselves infatuated with celebrities and popular culture icons flaunting their perfect bodies online. These obsessions drive people to rush to their local plastic surgeon, to go under to knife to achieve that perfection of beauty they wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve.
Back dimples have become the new thing, as previously, it was something you couldn’t work towards with a couple sessions at the gym. It was something that you needed to be born with, until now.

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