Woman Fakes Four Year Relationship – Stalks Man and Spouse for Photos

A woman let her imagination run wild, while pretending to date a man who had no idea she existed. Looking throughout social media sites, she would pull photos from their profiles and insert herself into the images. She would then use these doctored images to show off to friends, even going as far to say they had a wedding in the works.
Jillian Blunt, a mental health specialist, told tales of romance with a man named Greg, and would often post images and status’ of her beau on her Twitter profile.

It was when friends and relatives never got a chance to meet the man, that suspicion started to arise. With further analysis of posted photos, there were too many inconsistencies that led them to believe it was all a ruse. This is when they tipped off the unsuspecting couple, who then contacted the authorities for help.

Police were notified of the situation, which revealed Blunt had been stalking them online for photos, and offline would travel to locations they previously ventured, to re-create their vacation photos. Although the situation seems very creepy, nothing illegal has been done, and the investigation is at a stand still. Blunt’s fake accounts have all been deleted.

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