Adult Swaddling Is A Thing In Japan And The Craze Is Sweeping The Nation!

A strange therapeutic method is gaining ground and sweeping through Japan.
The method involves people being wrapped up like babies and its called Adult Swaddling. Just like the age-old tradition of baby swaddling, the person is wrapped in a cloth in an effort to improve one’s flexibility.
The method is called “Otona Maki” in Japanese and wass invented by Nobuko Watanabe, a Japanese midwife.
After being wrapped in the cloth, the person is then rocked from side to side in a gentle manner.
The side to side rocking is meant to loosen up tense muscles and bones.
Nobuko stated that her bizarre therapeutic method most beneficially helps out new moms suffering from stiff shoulders or hips.
Patients who enter Otona Maki workshops can experience being wrapped up for 20 minutes a session, which is enough time to improve one’s flexibility.
It may sound a bit strange and weird, but this craze apparently works.

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