Boy Finds Rattlesnake Inside Toilet

For rattlesnakes to appear in rural homes in Texas is a common occurrence. What’s not is to find one in your toilet, according to an expert snake remover.
Nathan Hawkins retells that he got a call to a house located near Abilene a month back when a boy found an full grown rattlesnake peeking out when he lifted the toilet seat lid.
The boy was in for a surprise when he found the snake mostly submerged down the drain.
Hawkins believes that the snake made its way to the family’s toilet through its plumbing system via exposed pipe.
The mother of the boy who found the snake decapitated the reptile while Hawkins extracted 23 other snakes that he found in a storm cellar underneath the home.
Hawkins posted on his company’s Facebook page detailing the even which garnered thousands of shares.

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